About Us

Precision Pipe Solutions Precision Pipe Solutions, Inc. was founded to provide a solution to the aging infrastructure and constant disruption due to the traditional excavation of damaged pipelines, underground vaults and manholes. Precision Pipe Solutions President Keith Svatos holds a Class "A" Contractors License, Master HVAC, Master Gas Fitter and Master Plumber license. Precsion Pipe is also SWAM certified.

Precision Pipe Solutions, Inc. is fully insured and all employees are only hired after a complete background screening process is approved. All employees are trained and certified on all of the products that we install from Cured in Place Liners to spray on epoxy coatings.

Precision Pipe specializes in using C.I.P.P. (Cured in Place Pipe) to rehab existing sewer/conduit/HVAC and drain lines minimalizing excavation. We have the ability to remove debris and roots from pipelines and install a stand alone pipe within your existing pipeline with a manufacturer's warranty of a minmum life expectancy of 50 years. We also have the ability to upsize existing pipelines if more capacity is needed in your collection system by bursting the existing pipeline and pulling in new HDPE (High Density Polyethaline) or even new PVC pipe. The experience that we bring to the table as well as the cutting edge technology that we utilize allow us to perform work not able to be performed by other contractors. If you have a unique situation give us a call. If we can't assist you which is very unlikely we can direct you to an affiliate that can.